Adopting a New Dog? Things to Think About 

If you’re looking to introduce a new member into your pack, there’s a lot to think about from a training standpoint. Is this your first dog, or are they coming into a pre-existing social structure? Does your new dog have a history with specific traumas, illnesses, or other special needs that may make them more complicated to care for? If you’ve just adopted a new part of the family and are looking to begin fundamental obedience training, look no further than Monument Dog Training. We work one-on-one to meet with you and your pet and assess the best structure for your individual needs to get your pet off on the right foot.

Are you adopting a new dog? Monument Dog Training can help!

All dogs need a basic set of ‘manners’, such as:

  • recall (responding to their name)
  • sitting/staying (being able to trust that your dog will stay where/when you need them)
  • dropping or leaving objects (being able to get your dog away from objects or stimuli)
  • housebreaking (avoiding indoor accidents)
  • focus training (making sure your dog can recognize when you need them).

While working with a dog trainer in Richmond, we talked about how a dog with a strong obedience foundation will have confidence around new people or dogs and will respect and obey your training commands, which makes it easier to bring them out in public or confront things they may have trouble with. This is a long and involved process, and it takes dedication to set this foundation, but these behaviors will last for years to come and will establish trust between you and your dog, as well as potentially set an example for the rest of your pack.

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