Why Sign Up For Professional Dog Training in Northern VA?

Many dog owners go through years and through several dogs without ever calling a dog trainer. Some people don’t see it necessary and feel they have it under control with teaching their dog appropriate behaviors and commands. While anyone can be capable of training their own dog, sometimes professional dog training can be very beneficial, even if the dog is not exhibiting uncontrollable or severe behaviors (yet!).

When signing up for professional dog training, many people want to focus on one major issue that they are struggling with. But professional dog training doesn’t just hone in one problem and stop there, because nearly every time, there are other neighboring issues that are only just getting ready to develop or outright explode.

Expert Dog Training Northern VA - we can help your dog!For example while working with a friend a dog trainer in Raleigh, I had a client call me recently because her dog Chuckie would not stop destroying her furniture and antique rugs. She asked me to fix the chewing and have Chuckie understand that this was not acceptable, but as we spoke at our initial in-home consultation, I discovered there were a lot more problems present. What was even more of an eye-opener was that some of these problems were causing the destructive chewing. In order to combat the chewing, we had to also address Chuckie’s separation anxiety, his boredom and lack of exercise, and his inconsistent scheduling. When we worked on these, the chewing already started dissipating on its own.

Professional dog training can help owners see the bigger picture in their dog’s behavioral growth and training. What may seem like one problem can actually be rooted in other existing issues, which if not trained out of the dog, could cause more problems and more serious behaviors. Professional dog training will address all the owner’s training goals, but it seeks to cover all the bases so that the dog can succeed and that lifetime results are achieved, rather than short-term.

A dog trainer will train your dog, but a true professional dog trainer will train your dog and also you as the owner. Professional dog training is not only reserved for the red flag or “hopeless” dogs, but it can resolve any issue, big or small. Professional dog training is not only teaching people how to their train their new dogs, but it is also giving them the skills and knowledge to carry with them for a lifetime, and for potential future family dogs.

If you think you and your dog can benefit from professional dog training, then give us a call at 800-649-7297 and we’ll set you up with a reward-based, customized training plan where you and your dog can learn the true meaning of life-long behavioral success!