Why In-home Dog Training Is Best!

If you were learning to play basketball, you wouldn’t practice on a football field. This may be obvious, but it also illustrates why some dog training fails. If you’re training your dog with the goal of good behavior in the home and good behavior with you in general, then the training should involve both you and the home. A dog’s home environment and relationship with their owner is the primary focus of our in-home dog training. Dog training that does not involve the home environment isn’t addressing the dog as a whole. We teach you to become the trainer for your dog and we do it in the home environment so that when we leave, your dog is left in your newly-capable, confident hands.

Monument's Norther Virginia dog training programs gets results no matter how bad the issues are!Some dog trainers offer services that involve the dog going to a facility for an extended period of time to have their behavioral issues addressed. This method may show change in the dog after it’s completed, but the training will not stand up when the dog is back in their home environment, where their triggers for bad behavior really exist. Monument Dog Training provides in-home training to the whole Northern Virginia area. We offer a rewards-based approach, which means we set your dog up for success by teaching them to make the right choices. Our Northern Virginia customized dog training focuses on the details of your specific situation, which out-of-home training simply doesn’t do. We can alleviate your dog’s behavioral issues by working from the inside out, meaning we start in the home and gradually move into real-world, outside situations.

Monument dog training offers in-home lessons for dogs off all ages, and temperaments. We’re experienced training dogs with issues like aggression, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and more. We succeed where other dog trainers have failed by utilizing a proven method that has enjoyed over 27 years of success. When we meet with you at your in-home consultation we’ll observe you and your dog, explain more about our training philosophy, and work with you to develop a customized training program tailored to your needs specifically. Our training doesn’t end after a set number of lessons because it’s commitment-based, meaning we work with you until all of our training goals are met.

Give us a call at 202.318.1380 and our experienced behavioral specialists can answer your questions and explain our training further. You can also send us an email using our contact form. Call Monument Dog Training today!